Nude Male Torso Sculptures / Erotic Candle Holder

Candlesdick view 1


Candlesdick See it in Black
Candlesdick view 2



The artist's skillful hand has sensitively created this unique and beautiful lifelike form true to the subtle nuances of underlying muscle and bone, elevating its pedestrian function as candle holder to high art, ribald joke, and challenge to the arbitrary limits of polite acceptability. Candy to the eye, silky to the touch, this sensuous sculpture will also earn its keep by just being there for you.

Material: glazed stoneware ceramic
Size: 7.25" (185mm) wide, 7.25" (185mm) deep, 10.5" (270mm) high
Weight: 3.1 lbs (1.4 kg)
Price: $235 + $20 shipping and handling ($80 outside of the US)

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Made in the USA